love is in the art

love is in the art

Thursday, September 6, 2012

ZsaZsa Bellagio about "Problems"

A great post from zsazsabellagio

" We are not born with problems; it's we who dare to invite them in the first place. People worry, talk too big, they make the problem sooooooo big that and give so much importance to it, talk about them endlessly. People think about them all the time but never try to find solutions. Until you stop saying it's my problem... your problems will be yours ever. So stop saying or talking about your problems to others.

A wise person will never have a problem; a fool would defiantly have one. Life is full of problems --- that's how people think.

Have you ever thought about how life is so ooooooooooo beautiful to live? Why can't people take everything that comes in a positive way? Why do "BUTS" fall in between?

Negative thoughts come in between when we all know in the end, things do work out for our own good. Why don't you know GOD tests us in many ways? He wants to know if we could handle a given situation or not, patiently waiting for us to react to it.

Some people will overcome/sort out their problems and some done/can't because they don't want to think; they don't want to put in efforts to solve them. We always complain about not having what others have/own BUT do you ever sit and think why and how do others own things or have them or handle them comfortably?

I say it all depends on the way we are and the way we react towards a given situation. All I say is, think good, be good, and the rest follows...".